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Gastroenterology is a research area in the field of gastroenterology which regards interactions of the central nervous system (brain) and the gut – the so-called brain-gut axis. Important research focuses upon upward (sensory) and downward (motor and regulatory) neural connections and upon endocrine influences on gut function. Another area of research is the enteric nervous system itself. Clinical research deals mainly with motility disorders and functional bowel disorders (e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia). Our specialist Gastroenterology Service treats disorders of the digestive system. Through the use of endoscopy and colonoscopy techniques, we are able to offer patients a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery. An endoscopy requires only mild sedation, while a small, flexible video camera is passed through the mouth into either the stomach or intestine to allow the physician to identify problems in the gastrointestinal tract and, in some circumstances, remove abnormal growths. A colonoscopy involves inserting a long, flexible tube about the thickness of a finger into the rectum, and gradually advancing it through the colon, allowing the physician to examine the lining of the rectum, diagnose colon and rectal problems, perform biopsies and remove polyps. We offer services in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Gastro Intestinal and Bariatric Surgery. Enjoying complete infrastructural support (including critical care and high dependency units, and advanced diagnostic and Interventional Radiology units) and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instruments like computer assisted video navigational tools and high precision hand instruments, we specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and liver. We have near-zero conversion rates for Lap Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy and Hernia Repairs. We have pioneered Minimal Access surgical techniques, like Laparoscopy and Endoscopy, which facilitate faster recovery, have fewer complications and need less post-surgical follow-up. We carry out advanced Laparoscopic, Biliary/Pancreatic, Colorectal Oncologic Procedures and are among the few Centers to offer scar less minimal access surgery options using the latest SILS method. We perform Bariatric procedures on morbidly obese patients to help them achieve significant weight loss when an exercise and diet program has been instituted but not succeeded; this often helps them overcome co- morbid conditions such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea. We also perform open surgical procedures wherever indicated.


dr baiju    
Senior Consultant & Head of the Department of GI, HPB, Bariatric & Transplant Services