Guidelines for Patients and Visitors

Patients who have not registered at Meditrina will find a slip with a few basic data to be filled. kindly go the respective Reception counter for registration and bill payment. Upon submission of the form a card will be given, with a dedicated M. R. ( Medical Records) Number. This number will be used for patient recognition in the hospital. The patient is advised not to loose the card. If it is utmost emergency for the patient please admit him to the emergency counter at the back. Once Registration process is completed patient care coordinators and service desk will guide to reach your doctor.

  • • On by stander will be allowed to stay with patient.
  • • Only 3 visitors are allowed during visiting hours (11.00am to 1.00pm & 4.00pm to 7.00pm)
  • • Children below 12 years will not be allowed to visit patient.
  • • You will be provided with hospital clothes, please make use of hospital laundry for washing
  • • Food from outside sources are not allowed in hospital
  • • Food recommended by our Doctor/Dietician will be served to the patient from Hospital Restaurant.
  • • Hot waters is available all floors in 24 hours.
  • • Hospital will not be responsible for any personal belongings or valuables left in your room.
  • • After receipt of the discharge summary, the room has to be vacated within in hour, failing which additional rent may be charged.
  • • Discharge timing is 2.00 pm.
  • • To register feed back or complaint please contact Patient care coordinator ext:4455

  • • Wash hands before and after patient contact.
  • • Wear gloves and mask whenever necessary
  • • Avoid visiting patients if you are sick or if you have an open wound.
  • • Always keep the room door closed.
  • • Avoid handling any instruments/surface that have been in contact with blood or body fluid.
  • • No medication from outside should be taken into patient rooms.
  • • No household items are allowed in patient room (Pillow, bed spread etc. will be given by hospital).
  • • For any related queries please contact our Infection control nurse. Ext 4137

  • • Maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise.
  • • Entire Hospital & Premises is strictly a Non-smoking area.
  • • Please don’t open the window in AC Rooms.
  • • Don’t permit children into balconies.
  • • Familiarize with the locations of FIRE EXITS, which are clearly marked.
  • • Floor plans/Direction boards are displayed at prominent location. Please familiarize with them.
  • • Follow the directions of staff in case a CODE RED is announced over the Hospital Public Address System

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