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Neurology is the diagnosis and management of diseases affecting the nervous system, typically the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Neurological illness can take the form of strokes, migraines, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis. Diseases affecting the spinal cord include spinal cord tumours and spinal cord compression. Peripheral nervous system problems include the neuropathies and myopathies as well as disorders of the neuromuscular junction (myasthenia). Symptoms of neurological illness include poor memory, blackouts, dizziness, headache, speech problems, back pain, sciatica, limb weakness and numbness, tremor and bladder problems. Using a careful neurological history and detailed neurological examination along with appropriate specialised investigations, the neurology specialist attempts to identify the site of the neurological disturbance and its likely cause. If a patient requires surgery, the neurologist will refer the patient to a neurosurgeon. The neurologist will advise on this. It also treats Headaches, Movement Disorders, Neuroimmunological disorders & Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromuscular disease, and Stroke. It also encompass removal of brain tumours, treatment for neurovascular diseases, functional disorders, pain, trauma and other complex conditions requiring surgical intervention. The Centre offers comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment for the full spectrum of spinal disorders including degenerative conditions of the spine, such as cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis, cervical or lumbar disc herniation, and scoliosis or adult deformity of the spine. We have specific expertise in the management of spinal cord and spinal column tumours and also treat spinal trauma and injuries to the spine. Our approach to degenerative conditions of the spine includes minimally invasive surgery, traditional open and spinal fusion procedures, motion-preservation, disc arthroplastyand replacement, or dynamic stabilization of the spine.e medical management of the neurological disease.


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