Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery


Incorporating unparalleled technology and cutting edge facilities, department of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery at Meditrina is dedicated to assure most advanced treatments to both adults and children with heart diseases, lung diseases, diseases of aorta and peripheral vascular diseases.

Working on a highly patient focused model, we offer wide spectrum of the latest procedures in cardiothoracic and vascular diseases. Our internationally experienced surgeons and experts offer nothing less than the best care for our patients. Our dedicated operating theatres and newest of surgical equipment assure you the safest surgical outcomes, be it a common beating heart Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) or an advanced heart Surgery.
In order to assure comprehensive surgical care to patients requiring surgery of the heart at par with internationally acclaimed institutions in the field, our surgeons work collaboratively with other experts from the fields of cardiology, pulmonary medicine, psychological medicine, dietetics and nutrition, Physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as yoga and meditation. Our aim is to provide the best treatment outcome in terms of everything at the minimum possible costs. We are also equipped with the latest of the best equipment manned by experts highly experienced, reputed and dedicated.

Facilities & Services

State-of-the art operation theatres.
Best equipped post operative ICU with 24 x 7 availability of experts.
IABP support
Less invasive cardiac surgeries
24×7 chest pain unit
Most advanced cath labs
Sophisticated CCU
High end radiology and laboratories
Most affordable packages for cardiac surgeries


Adult Cardiac Surgeries
Valvular heart surgeries
Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries
Thoracic Surgeries
Vascular Sugeries

Treatments and Procedures

Conventional coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)
Total Arterial Bypass Surgery
Vale replacements and repairs
Surgeries for aortic aneurysms and dissection
Bypass surgeries for Vascular diseases
Surgeries for congenital heart diseases ASD, VSD, TOF
Children’s Heart Surgery
Video Assisted Lung Surgery
Reconstructive surgery for diffuse coronary artery disease
Surgery for ischemic mitral regurgitation and post infarct ventricular septaldefects
Re-do heart surgery (for both valve and CABG operations)
DOR procedure for left ventricular aneurysms (left ventricular reconstructivesurgery).
Heart valve repair and replacements
Stent-less heart valve surgery
Off-pump/beating heart surgery
Maze surgery for abnormal heart rhythm
Lung resection for tumours
Minimally invasive thoracoscopic procedures
Lung volume reduction surgery
Surgery for acute and chronic arterial disorders
Mechanical heart assist device



Here are some of the doctors in this department.


Dr. Yoganathan Namboothiri
Consultant (Cardio Vascular Surgery)

Dr Akash S
Consultant Cardio Vascular Surgery