The Neuro surgery department of Meditrina Hospital provides extensive treatment & care for all ailments related to the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. The department is fully equipped to handle any sort of emergencies including stroke, epilepsy and seizures, backache, brain tumours or injuries. Some neurological treatments are for stroke, brain tumors, and head injuries. The Stroke and Neuro Rehab unit provides the biggest and best facilities in the state for the patients to recover. The aim is to rehabilitate the patient and enable them to take control of their life post trauma. The multidisciplinary specialist team consists of neurologists, neuro surgeons, anaesthesiologists, interventional radiologists, nurse clinicians, physiotherapists, dieticians, and pharmacists.

Facilities & Services

• Spine surgery - Minimally invasive/open
• Diagnostic cerebral angiography
• Aneurysm Coiling
• Embolisation and Thrombectomy
• Cerebral Angioplasty and Stenting
• Thrombolysis and Mechanical thrombectomy - Stroke management
• Neuro Endoscopic surgeries
• Microsurgery/Minimally access surgery - Cervical and lumbar discs
• Cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery
• Lumbar inter-body Fusion PLIF, TLIF, ALIF, LLIF & XLIF
• Percutaneous screws and instrumented spinal fusions
• MIS decompression for spinal stenosis
• Adult scoliosis and deformity correction
• Paediatric and adolescent scoliosis and deformity correction
• Microsurgery / minimally invasive surgery for spinal tumours
• En-bloc resection for primary bony tumours
• Minimal access surgery for spine fractures with percutaneous screws
• Cranio-vertebral junction surgery (re-alignment, anterior and posterior fusion) for congenital and acquired abnormalities
• Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
• Peripheral nerve procedures including Carpal Tunnel release
• Percutaneous procedures including nerve blocks for pain management
• CUSA for tumour surgeries
• Vessel reconstruction with intra-operative ICG angiography Neurology
• Intraoprative Electrocorticography
• Cortical stimulation
• Neuronavigation
• Trans Cranial doppler
• Neuronavigation
• EEG and Telemetry Video EEG
• Nerve conduction studies
• Evoked potentials and Autonomic function testing
• Sleep study
Specialised services
• 24x7 Stroke Unit - Golden Hour care team
• Epilepsy Clinic
• Headache and Migraine Clinic
• Stroke & Neuro Rehab Centre - Kerala’s biggest facility
• Neuro Electrophysiology & Sleep Lab

Infrastructure and facilities
• Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero 900 Microscope
• High Definition Neuro Endoscope
• Medtronics Minimally Invasive Spine instrumentation
• Ultra modern16 bit Biplane Cathlab with GIGALIX tube
• Neuro MRI and CT/CAT Scan
• Doppler
• ICP Monitor
• Maxy Sky Walking Assisted System (2 nd installation in India)
• Dedicated Neuro/Stroke & Neurosurgery ICUs (Intensive Care Unit)
• 24x7 Full-fledged Laboratory and Blood Bank
• 24x7 Emergency Medicine and Trauma (EMT) Centre
• Modern fully equipped operation theatres (OTs)
• IP - Fully equipped and well-furnished rooms/wards/ICU
• OP - Daily consultation bookings (Mon-Sat)



Here are some of the doctors in this department.


Dr. Jayakumaran S
Senior Consultant Spinal and Neuro Surgeon

Dr. R. Ramnarayan
Consultant Neuro Surgeon