The nephrology department at Meditrina Hospital currently offers the complete bouquet of services for all kidney ailments including kidney disease screening, consultation, diagnosis and treatment. We also provide advanced interventional nephrology services like AV Fistulogram (using Cathlab), Central Vein Occlusion (Venoplasty), Permanent dialysis access creation (AV Fistula and tunnelled catheter). The centre has a number of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on follow up and newly diagnosed to reduce the progression to CKD. A very successful haemodialysis centre with advanced dialysis machine helps CKD patients to improve their quality of life. Haemodialysis is a life-support treatment that can replace many of the kidney's important functions. The treatment uses dialysis machine to filter harmful waste, excess fluid and salt from the body. Patients are continuously monitored by modern electronic devices to provide smooth and comfortable treatment with a greatly reduced risk of complications.

Facilities & Services

Nephrology OPD Services
Hemodialysis 24x7
Business-Friendly Dialysis Hours
CAPD- Peritoneal Dialysis
Chronic Kidney Disease Detection Clinic
Acute Kidney Injury SLED/SCUF/ Haemoperfusion
Ultrasound Guided Kidney Biopsy
Renal Nutrition and Dietary department
Cathlab-assisted tunneled hemodialysis Catheter insertion
AV fistula creation and screening
Interventional Nephrology



Here are some of the doctors in this department.


Dr. Remi George
Consultant - Nephrology