The department of dietetics at Meditrina Hospital is centered around helping patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit. The Dietetics center's services are available for all in-patients and out-patients during their treatment, giving personalized attention to our patients and their families when it comes to their diet and well-being. Our Dieticians have the professional knowledge and experience in evaluating nutritional needs and recommending appropriate nutritional treatment for referred patients. They will evaluate and monitor dietetics intervention to help ensure a positive effect on patients' nutritional status, aid the recovery process, control symptoms and improve well-being

Role of Dietary Services

To maintain good nutritional status of all patients

To educate patients about how diet plays a major role in the treatment of various diseases

To modify the daily diet pattern of patients to meet their requirements during various diseased conditions

To correct deficiencies, especially in patients with prolonged hospital stay like cancer patients and critical care unit patients

Diet therapy in most instances is not a remedy in itself but is a measure that supplements or makes the medical or surgical treatment more effective

To take care of the dietary needs of Indoor General ward and Private ward patients every day. There are various kinds of diet being sent to the patients based on Nutritional screening and Nutritional assessment done by the Dieticians

Facilities & Services

Diet counseling for in-patients, outpatients and health checkups

Nutrition screening and assessment at admission

Providing therapeutic diets according to the disease condition of the patients

Evaluating the nutritional needs of the patients; identifying nutrition problems and assessing nutritional status, improve health for prevention of diseases

Tube feeding involving Ryles tube, nasojejunal tube and PEG feeds, ensuring each patients food requirement with necessary calories, protein fat and suitable nutrients in the feed formulation

Provides diet charts according to patients health conditions

Body fat monitoring for obesity

Providing diet counselling and handouts at the time of discharge



Here are some of the doctors in this department.

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